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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 5, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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isn't that what's supposed to happen next now that this thing has been called out as a total recall. wisconsin voters head to the polls to decide whether to keep or oust their embattled governor. party at the palace. england pulls out all the stops for queen liz bed's diamond jubilee. venus rising. skywatchers prepare for a last in our lifetime celestial event. good morning. those stories and more straight ahead. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with a day of reckoning. all eyes on wisconsin today where, for just the third time
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in u.s. history, voters are going to decide whether to recall a state governor. by this time tomorrow morning, republican scott walker should know whether or not he's been replaced by milwaukee mayor democrat tom barrett. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with more on this. >> reporter: it is a race that's really mirroring what we're seeing on the national scene. in this case the polls are tight. walker of late seems to have the edge and at a rally last night he made a final push to get out the vote saying that this is an election about the truth and the facts, saying that his opponent, tom barrett, the milwaukee mayor, has been down in the dirt and gutter with the advertising, as he put it, this recall, after he stripped collective bargaining rights from public workers there and there were mass protests. meantime, tom barrett in his final campaign event before this vote said governor walker had divided the state and created what he called a 16-month civil
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war. this divided electorate in wisconsin really mirroring what we are seeing on the national scene. there's been a flood of out-of-state money into wisconsin, $64 million, and interestingly, this is their second matchup. walker beat barrett two years ago. >> tracie potts in washington, thanks. last night on "the rachel maddow show," former wisconsin state senator mordecai lee talked about the ground game telling rachel due to this being a simple ballot count, voter to turnout is as important as it's ever been. >> we're going back to 19th century elections where the only thick that counts is actually voting. i think this is very much a 21st century election in the sense of think of all the social media and all the technology they're going to be using tomorrow to be sure mrs. smith votes. she hasn't voted by noon, she hasn't voted by 3:00. the only thing that counts is
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getting people physically to the polls. and that's why i think people are watching the weather forecasts because they think that's going to askt ground game. >> how's the weather going to be tomorrow? >> light breeze, sprinkles, otherwise pretty good. and the conventional wisdom of american politics and wisconsin politics is that good weather leads to sort of casual voters deciding to vote instead of staying home so they probably break democratic. >> you won't want to miss out on rachel's unique take on politics. "the rachel maddow show" weeknights at 9:00 eastern, here on msnbc. former president bill clinton joined president obama on a fund-raising swing in new york city last night. during a speech introducing the president, clinton seemed to be making an effort to counter his recent comments that were widely seen as flattering to mitt romney's background in business. >> but he's got the order right, president obama does. growth now, restraint later.
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the romney republican plan is austerity and more unemployment now and blow the lid off later, just at the time when we'll be worried about high interest rates. >> the former president also told obama supporters last night a mitt romney presidency would be "calamitous" for the nation and the world. last night queen elizabeth did decide the concert honoring her 60 years on the throne should go on as planned. the night concluded with a spectacular fireworks display. nbc's annabel roberts filed this report last night. ♪ i'm still standing better than i ever did ♪ >> reporter: 10,000 people got to see an amazing concert at a specially built arena outside buckingham palace. ♪ when i find myself in times of trouble ♪ >> reporter: performances from across the queen's six decades
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on the throne, hoping to appeal to all generations. the world family was there in force but there was one notable absence. prince philip, the queen's husband, he's spending tonight in hospital. he was taken there earlier today suffering from a bladder infection. buckingham palace tells me it's not serious, this is just a precautionary measure, but he is turning 91 in a couple of days' time and any health scare at this age has to be taken seriously. >> he has taken unwell, but ladies and gentlemen, if we shout loud enough he might just hear us in hospital. >> reporter: after the concert the queen lit a beacon, one of 4,500 lit across britain and the commonwealth, to mark her jubilee. she will no doubt feel prince philip's absence very keenly for the set piece of this jubilee celebration. she travels to st. paul's cathedral by carriage for a special service. we understand he will be kept in
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hospital for the next two or three daws. annabel roberts, nbc news, london. >> we'll hear back from annabel live from london for us on the start of today's festivities honoring queen elizabeth. first a look at other stories around america today. in indiana, newly released video shows terrifying moments that led to a school bus crash last month. the driver as you can see just fell out of his seat, apparently after hitting a bump, then lost control. it sent the bus on a wild ride before crashing into a house. luckily no students were aboard and the driver's injuries were not life-threatening. he was cited for not wearing his seat belt. in florida you could say the weather was heavenly. a halo formed around the sun after clouds and ice crystals combined to create the ring. on the opposite end of the country in hawaii, the difference was night and day. this is called a moonbow or lunar rainbow. it's your fun fact for the day. it's the right combination of a full moon, wind, and rain.
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it's when light reflects off the surface of the moon and refracts through the prisms of water. you can use that at your next dinner party. now for a look at your national weather. we turn to bill karins. >> at the dinner party conversation, all of a sudden, "hey, do you know what a moonbow is?" >> either they'll be impressed or tell you to get a hobby. good morning, everyone. yesterday was a cold and chilly, raw new england day. temperatures were 53 for a high in boston. some areas in new hampshire didn't get out of the 40s yesterday. it was like march or maybe april. it actually snowed at the highest peaks in new hampshire. the top of mt. washington, 5,000 foot elevation, they had 1 to 2 inches of snow. this morning it is chilly once again in new england. it's pretty cool from chicago to d.c. even new york city's at 52. you definitely need a light jacket this morning for yourself
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and the kids as they're heading out to school this morning. we're very warm. look at dallas at 80 degrees. this is where summer has taken hold in the middle of the country. it was very hot yesterday. salt lake city, utah, near 98. as far as rain goes there's not a lot in new england this morning. in maine they're dealing with a lot of showers but in tennessee, a little bit of light rain. thunderstorms in north texas. for the most part there's a lot of dry weather out there. as far as the rain goes in the areas of the carolinas, from the mountains of north carolina, some rain. light showers around charlotte. upstate from greenville to columbia to south carolina, a little light rain heading your way. dying thunderstorms starting to head down toward huntsville, alabama. as this front sags later today, south georgia or savannah to tallahassee, jacksonville, montgomery, albany, georgia, to macon, a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. the biggest threat is damaging winds and large hail. here's how the forecast looks for tuesday. a chilly start to the day in new
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england. you'll have a good deal of sunshine early. it's so cold the sun's going to warm the air up. the air will turn into clouds and showers as we go throughout the afternoon. i mentioned the threat of storms in the southeast. lynn, also windy. our friends in vegas and wyoming could deal with 60-mile-per-hour winds and high-wind warnings. a little bit of everything today, nothing too life-threatening. rocky flying for airline stocks. disney stakes a stand with child viewers. the reason you may find it harder to get an empty seat on your way to work. the "first look" at business headlines is straight ahead. my mother froze everything.
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welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry. here's the top stories this morning. the second-most prominent figure in al qaeda may have been killed in a u.s. drone strike in northwest pakistan. if confirmed it would be the biggest blow to al qaeda since u.s. special forces killed osama
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bin laden in may 2011. in germany, an adult film actor has been arrested for allegedly mailing body parts to top political parties in his home country of canada. he was taken into custody in an internet cafe in berlin while reading media coverage about himself. in pennsylvania today, the sex abuse trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky begins with jury selection. he is accused of abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. to iceland, amazing pictures. it is a homecoming to a house near a volcano that was buried 39 years ago under ash and rock during an eruption. the woman who owns the house has finally been allowed to return. today you have a chance to see the planet venus crossing in front of the sun which we will not see again from earth for more than 100 years. you do need to use solar glasses
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or telescopes with special filters. you do not want to look at the sun directly. in honor of the queen's diamond jubilee, queen elizabeth and the royal family are attending a national service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral this morning. nbc's annabel roberts joins us live with the latest on all the events this morning. what can we expect to see? >> reporter: good morning, lynn. after the frivolity of the flotilla and the fireworks last night, today is about formality. as i speak the queen and her family are on their way to st. paul's cathedral for a special service of thanksgiving. that will be attended by members of the settlement, a lesson will be read by david cameron, the prime minister. there will be a prayer written at the queen's direction and specially composed music. after that the world family goes to receptions then they all come here to the houses of parliament behind me for a lunch at westminster hall attended by thousands of members of the
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establishment and representatives of charities with which the royal family, the queen in particular, are involved. from here they travel in hopefully open-top carriages if the weather holds to buckingham palace. they're going along a special route through whitehall up the mile to buckingham palace and the roads are already as you might man lin lined by many well-wishers waiting to cheer the queen as she passes. of course the great regret today is that the duke of edinburgh is not at at her side. he's been there every day through the 60 years of her reign, unfortunately taken ill yesterday through a bladder infection, he spent last night at hospital. we're told this is a precautionary measure, that his illness is not serious, but he turns 91 in a few days. any health scare at this age has to be taken seriously. back to buckingham palace, they'll go up onto the balcony. there will be a wave, the masses below, a fly-past from jets, famous planes that throughout her reign will fly overhead.
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and that will kind of wrap up the proceedings. it's been a fantastic four days and there's a sense here the country has really come together behind her over these period of celebrations but back to work tomorrow, lynn. >> folks, if you're watching this, these are live pictures coming out of london where the royal family is headed towards st. paul cathedral. annabel, you've been there for the last four days and you've been experiencing all these festivities, talking to people on the street. what are they saying? what's it like there? >> reporter: well, the atmosphere is really amazing. i mean, there is a real sense that the country is coming together to help the queen celebrate this landmark. she has actually recorded a television address that will be broadcast this evening uk time and we understand that in that she acknowledges the amazing support that she's felt and received from the people over these last four days. there have been street parties up and down the country. there was an amazing turnout on
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sunday for the flotilla in spite of the really awful weather by the end. up to 1 million people lined the river ba river banks there. there's a sense the queen, the monarchy but particularly the queen, is the one thing that pulls us all together. >> annabel roberts live for us in london, thank you, annabel. we're going to get down to business and give you your "first look" how wall street is going to kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,101 after falling 17 points yesterday. the s&p inched up a fraction. the nasdaq added 12. taking a look at overseas trading, in tokyo the nikkei rose 86 points. in hong kong the hang seng was up 73. stocks finished the mix as fearful selling tapered off monday. investors anxious about the eurozone's debt crisis looked ahead to today's emergency meeting of a group of 7 global powers. holding talks to discuss possible solutions. on the street home builders were among the day's biggest
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losers. polti group lost 6%. lana r&d r horton fell 5. chesapeake energy, the second-biggest u.s. natural gas producer, rose 6% after announcing it will replace more than half its board of directors. delta airlines had its steepest drop in three years after missing a may revenue target. australia's qantas airways plunged to an all-time low after forecasting a possible 91% drop in yearly earnings. apple is planning to oust google maps as the preloaded app on the iphone and ipad in favor of a new apple version. starbucks dipped in late trade after announcing a $100 million purchase of la boulange in an effort to freshen up food offings. banned commercials featuring candy, sugared cereal and fast food on disney-owned stations.
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further evidence of facebook's challenge of turning users into dollars, a new reuters poll finds 4 of 5 members have never bought a single product or service as a result of ads or comments on the social networking site. do you feel cramped on your morning commute? there's a reason for that. public transportation ridership has jumped 5% so far this year. it is the largest surge in 13 years. well, let's give you another live look at the queen's jubilee celebrations in london. there you can see the procession. they're headed to st. paul's cathedral where they will continue to celebrate the queen's jubilee. and coming up, bill karins's going to have your weather forecast and your "first look" at entertainment headlines. there's the queen right there. ♪
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and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. let's get another check of the weather. bill karins. >> it could have helped me if you'd told me to wear a jacket to work. >> i think that should be reversed. >> oh, yeah. >> sometimes i don't pay attention as much. >> yeah. keep the garden. good morning, it is a chilly morning. if you're joining us from new england, great lakes, mid-atlantic, compared to how
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it's been warm, humid, record-breaking warm spring, it's a shock it's this chilly in june. we're in the 50s in the big cities. we're in the 40s in almost all of the suburbs. in some areas of northern new england, we're getting into the low 40s. there's some shower activity out there. it won't be as wet as it was yesterday, though. most of the day will be dry. there will especially be afternoon showers popping up all through maine, new hampshire, southern new england, even the mid-atlantic region from philly to d.c. they'll be hit and miss showers, you won't get downpours all day long. today we'll get into the 50s in boston, 60s from hartford through d.c. low 70s around washington, d.c. and philly. 66 in buffalo. and also the southeast a little bit of wet weather. just strange that it's this cool and chilly in june. >> it returns back by the weekend, right? >> short-lived. >> it is weird. >> it gets your attention. another look at lohan as liz and celebrity investment partners head to court.
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welcome back to "first look." it's time for entertainment news. we have gotten yet another peek at lindsay lohan as liz taylor. lifetime released the first official shot of lohan playing taylor in the movie "liz and dick." grant bowler played richard burton. it premieres later this year. it's probably not going to be possible to live up to the nonstop hype but we're going to try. jury selection started in a federal lawsuit in which stephen baldwin is suing kevin costner. together they invested in an oil separating device used by bp
2:28 am
during 2010's gulf of mexico oil spill lienup. the lawsuit claims costner and a business partner duped baldwin and a friend out of shares in an $18 million deal with bp. we all love her. actress betty white became the oldest celebrity ever to be honored with a wax figure at madam tussaud's in hollywood monday. the 90-year-old told reporters there had been plans to do figures of the entire cast of "the golden girls" but bea arthur refused to do it. white joked she wish they'd done it 50 years ago before gravity took over. >> it's not one of the better ones we've seen. >> aren't you supposed to wear exactly what the max figure is? i don't know, d-plus on that. another live look from london where the queen is headed to the national service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral. thousands of people are lined up on that proposal route to watch
2:29 am
the queen. watch the entire royal family continue to celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee. we're not conceding any vote anywhere across the state of wisconsin. i'm here tonight to ask for your vote to move wisconsin forward. >> instinctively the people of our state know there's something wrong when our governor is the only governor in this country that has a criminal defense fund. he is the only governor in this country that has a criminal defense fund. >> it is recall election day in the state of wisconsin where republican governor scott walker hopes to put an end to a threat to his governorship that's lasted just about every day of his year and a half in office. if you dool in america's dairy land why should you care what happens there tonight?


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